April 30, 2009 11:50 PM

Megatron Never Ever Dies....Ever

Ok, so if you didn't realize that placing the All Spark inside of Megatron's chest wouldn't kill him and in fact would make him come back terribly more powerful once he "woke" back up, then you obviously don't know Transformers. It's happened again and again. In Beast Wars episode "Master Blaster" Megatron absorbs the original Megatron's spark and then is dropped into lava. Then he comes out in his new red dragon form and is even stronger. That situation was much worse than getting dropped into the ocean like he did in the movie. Anyways, the reason I mention all of this is because if you check out 2:22 in this new Transformers trailer you'll see what looks suspiciously like Megatron's face. He also has the exact same clawy hands. There's another shot of what I think is Megatron at 1:21 in the 2nd trailer (the official trailer :D) and if him zooming out of the ocean isn't enough proof for you, then I don't know what is. Oh yeah and at 1:36 in the 2nd trailer, Shia directly says that Megatron wants what's in his mind which means that it must be official now.

Both the unofficial and official trailers are really cool and they both show how mean Shia is. Seriously, why won't he take Bumblebee with him to college? Does he not want an amazing car there or is Bumblebee just too embarrassing? If I had a Transformer buddy I'd totally take him/her to college with me. It would be awesome. Also, I find it kind of funny that the official trailer mentions how Megan isn't at college with Shia, hinting at the fact that she's just a dumb bimbo. Oh yeah and Shia starts tripping out in the official trailer as well and starts seeing crazy symbols. That's pretty funny if you ask me.

April 29, 2009 7:44 PM

New at this

Well since some people are lazy and supposedly have other "work" to do (aka grabbing easter eggs in WOW while looking like a pink bunny)  I'll take a crack at this.

So anyways, Megan Fox is getting these movie deals since she is apparently the next hot young thing.  Well I for one would have to say I am kind of creeped out by these pictures from her upcoming movie, Jonah Hex.  Is it supposed to be attractive when her leg looks like it might be thicker than her waist?  I would also like to point out that creepy face in the side mirrror of that truck, I'm sure he's enjoying the view.  

Anyways, it sounds like she is playing a gun wielding prostitute, which makes her even scarier, because not only does she apparently lack several internal organs, but she is also packing some heat in there (where there is room for it, I do not know). I'm sure her role will be something like what it was in transformers, tag around, look pretty, and draw in the teenage boys.  I personally am not a fan of western stories, so will probly sit this one out, and skip out on what I'm sure will be an amazing acting performance from Megan Fox.


April 25, 2009 5:41 PM

The reason why I always watches the credits after a movie

So by now everyone should know of the Wolverine:X-men Origins movie being placed on the internet for everyone to pirate. Fox recently made a very bad decision regarding their misfortune, but now it seems like they're making up for it. Depending on where you see the movie, there's going to be different endings hidden after the credits. I personally love little endings after movies, especially when tons of people leave before it happens. This should also make the dvd a definite buy when it comes out considering that it will have all the alternate endings (or at least I would hope so). I hope one of the alternate endings includes some fun Deadpool action. I could really care less about knowing more about Wolverine's past.

The alternate endings aren't the only fun thing that I found out about the movie either. Apparently Ryan Reynolds did all of his own sword stunts. It's always cool when an actor steps up, instead of letting the film editors CGI it. I'm sure it will add a level of awesomeness to the movie and show people that have no clue who Deadpool is, how great he really is. I'm definitely excited about him going all crazy on people with 2 katanas at once. The only bad thing about Ryan doing his own stunts was the fact that he almost dis"membered" himself. Way to almost take one for the team Ryan :D. I'm glad that he didn't hurt himself, because he'll need to be in tip-top shape for his Deadpool movie.

April 17, 2009 2:48 PM

The Inferi will eat your soul....no wait that's Dementors

Ok so this is the 3rd (I think) trailer of Harry Potter that's been released and it confirms my suspicions that it's going to be freaking awesome. I can't believe how well that it looks like it's following the book. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was 3.5 hours long or even longer :D. It starts out with Dumbledore and Harry outside Riddle's cave and then it shows scenes from inside. The inferi definitely look amazing. There's also cute Ginny-Harry loving (of course the fangirls need to have something to be jealous of) and some gross Ron-Lavender snogging with a side of Hermione being super pissed off at Ron. I also think I saw a scene from Harry's death since he's at King's Cross and Dumbledore is standing there too (around halfway through the movie since I there's no timestamps on the widget :(). I'm also very impressed that they included the cursed necklace scene with Katie Bell and she really does look possessed when she flies up into the air. There is also an amazing scene of the students standing in front of the school raising their wands to fight back.

There's an odd spot with like a ring of fire, which I initially thought was from Dumbledore fighting the Inferi. But, somebody is running through it in their pajamas and yelling "Ginny" or at least I think so. I can't quite figure out what scene that's going to be. If you guys have any ideas be sure to post it in the comments :D. There's some cool Harry fighting Malfoy scenes, and also a Malfoy whining at having to kill Dumbledore scene and of course Harry screaming at Snape to "Fight back" because all of us who actually read the books know that SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE lol.

Anyways like I said originally, the trailer looks amazing and I hope the rest of the movie is as good as the trailer makes it look. Also this movie makes me have high hopes for the 2 7th book movies. Things that I didn't see in the trailer include Kreature being "helpful" to Harry and it looks like this will actually be in the movie according to this. I also hope that Dobby is actually in this movie since they completely cut him out of the 4th one. Bill needs to get attacked by Fenrir Greyback in this movie even though it kind've sucks for him. Fleur should hopefully be in this movie as well, at least at the end nursing Bill's wounds if nothing else. I really want to see Fleur standing up to Mrs. Weasley and gaining her respect because I think it's a cute scene. I realize that the Harry Potter movies like to just cut off at the end without really giving you the end conversations so it's possible that they will do it again. I really just hope they don't have a line like in the 4th movie when Hermione said "Everything's going to change now isn't it?" because that would make me want to gag.

Also this is the nifty cd that I just started listening too, so I posted the little siggy of the song. You should listen to it on youtube or something because it's really fun.
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April 12, 2009 1:39 AM

I thought Fox couldn't be any stupider

I really didn't think Fox could mess up this badly again so soon after their incident with Warner Bros. Fox News columnist Roger Friedman downloaded Wolverine X-men Origins and posted a review of it on the Fox News site. This is after Fox warned people not to download the movie and even tried to get the authorities involved in trying to stop the distributors of the film.

Even after Roger was caught, Fox still didn't immediately fire him. First they pretended to fire him. Then said that they were going to allow him to plead his case, even though it was clear that he illegally downloaded their own film and placed a review online, most likely helping to cut the movie's box office revenue. I mean just look at this quote from Roger's review of the movie; "I did see Wolverine on a large, wide computer screen, and not in a movie theater, but it could not have played better." That's enough proof for me to want to fire someone. But no, Fox delayed it and finally when they met with Roger this is what they had to say; "Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately." I'm pretty sure they didn't part ways "mutually" especially considering the fact that Roger told Variety that he hadn't been fired after Fox's initial statement that they had fired him. I personally love this quote from Variety's article, "After Friedman's positive "Wolverine" review hit the Web, the fanboy blogging community, which had largely called for a boycott of any reviews of the film, immediately lobbied for Friedman's dismissal," since it shows just how much devotion comic book fans have. I've also been ignoring reviews and links to download the movie that pop up while I surf the web and I'll definitely go see the movie when it comes out in theaters.

April 3, 2009 2:07 PM

Michael Bay's making Wheelie the new Dinobot

The whole list of Transformers appearing in the 2nd movie has now been released. The list isn't incredibly surprising but it's nice how they explain who Devastator is and what side everybody is on (especially for those people that hopped on the Transformers bandwagon for the first movie). The odd thing is that Wheelie is placed alongside the Decepticons instead of the Autobots. According to this, it seems like Michael Bay understands his mistake, but why make Wheelie a Decepticon in the first place? I mean, he doesn't even look that evil and his name really doesn't sound menacing at all, especially compared to Demolisher, Ravage, and Starscream. Out of the entire list of Decepticons, the only name I find to be less threatening than Wheelie is Mixmaster; and that's just because it seems like he'd either be a DJ machine or a KitchenAid mixer lol.

The other slightly disappointing thing on the list is Arcee, and yes I already knew she was going to be in the movie. What I did not realize, was that she was going to be Megan Fox's slutty pink motorcycle. I guess I probably should have made this connection earlier when I first heard Arcee was going to be in the 2nd movie. I mean surely Megan Fox would get her own Transformer pal like her lover Shia Labeouf. I guess it can't be helped, but enjoy the rest of the list anyway.