January 29, 2009 7:05 PM

Vanille is so spunky looking

There's a new Final Fantasy 13 trailer out and the english subbed version is below. If you go to FFXIII's website (which is absolutely amazing btw; be sure to check out the screenshots of all the characters as well as all the other pictures) you'll also notice that all of the character's have now been named, that and there's a new guy joining the crew that wasn't mentioned before. He's black, has a funny little goatee and his name is Sazh Katzroy. In his main picture on the website he's also holding a little yellow chick which is really cute. The man previously known as Mr. 13 cm is called Snow Villiers, which as predicted is a weather-themed name. We already knew that the main girl was named Lightning and that's the only name given for her on the website. The girl with orange pigtails is named Oerba Dia Vanille. That's a seriously crazy name but I guess she is a crazy forest person. I'm sad to say that I couldn't find a translation for the character descriptions on the site yet and I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Anyway, if you do watch the trailer, (which I highly suggest you do) you'll notice a lot of Lightning and Snow in action. At first I thought the trailer started out with Lightning talking about "the beginning of the end" but then I realized that it's actually Vanille in that weird little robe. I've also come to the conclusion that Snow must be really huge for Vanille to look like a child in comparison when she volunteers to help fight. Sazh doesn't even show up in the trailer as far as I noticed. There is a strange guy that looks like FFX's Wakka and he looks like he's part of Snow's original group as well as another girl with a froofy pirate shirt. It looks like Final Fantasy fans will have to keep waiting for the North American release until 2010 though, since a date for Japanese release hasn't even been given yet and it's supposed to come out this year.

January 22, 2009 1:58 PM

Would you eat a sea kitten?

Probably not, and that's what PETA is hoping will happen since they're petitioning to get fish renamed to sea kittens. Personally, I am a vegetarian and I think this idea is absolutely stupid. I mean unless fish actually become cute like kittens, nobody is going to stop eating them. I mean think about the saying warning guys not to do a certain thing because god will kill a kitten because of it. I'm pretty sure that doesn't help at all, so why would other people refrain from eating fish just because PETA is being crazy. Also, who thought of this idea and why are fish so important that they come first on the priority list of animals to be saved? I mean don't get me wrong, I think it's gross to eat any animal, but I'm sure there's more cows eaten every year than fish.

Oh and if you don't believe that PETA is going overboard (lol I made a pun) about this, then you need to check out the section dedicated completely to sea kittens on their website. You can get free banners, wallpapers, avatars and even read stories about sea kittens. You can also make your own sea kitten. Don't ask me to explain why you can put elephant ears and a trunk on it since it's supposed to be a kitten, but you can. It's just one of the many things that just aren't right about this project.

January 18, 2009 12:03 PM

How did I not post about this X-men Origins trailer?!?

Uhm, anyway there's a trailer out in theaters for X-men Origins and the long version is pretty decent. I think I only saw the short version and I'm not sure when, but when I re-watched it I realized why I didn't post about it or even remember it happening. The longer trailer has Gambit in it which is pretty cool, as well as Deadpool, Sabertooth (bleh!), The Blob (lol), and lots of other X-men that I can't name right now (some because I just don't know, and others because they just stand there in the trailer like "dur").

Anyway, the trailer says the movie is coming out May 1st, but that's probably not happening because Fox tried to mess up another X-men movie by making edits that the director strongly disapproved of. When will they learn? So now they're claiming that they're doing re-shoots because of weather conditions. I think it's because of the Watchmen lawsuit though. Even though it's all settled and Fox isn't going to be a co-distributor of the movie, they're still getting a ton of money from the suit as well as up to 8.5% of the box office revenue. So if Fox is using this money to do the X-men Origins movie some good, then I'm all for it. I just hope that they're not making stupid changes in this movie, like say killing off all the main characters just for fun.

January 9, 2009 1:50 PM

Dwight and Andy fight to the death!

Hurray you made it to my new blog location! Make sure to add it to your reader so you can see all the new posts when they happen. You'll notice that the posts from wordpress have been transferred over and posted by Quat but there's currently some formatting errors that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet. Bear with me until it gets fixed. Anyway getting on to the post.

Well, I'm sure neither Dwight or Andy will actually die but "The Duel" should definitely be an exciting episode of the Office when it airs next week. I'm not really sure why it didn't air this week considering the fact that NBC's Thursday lineup was all new besides the Office. Anyway for those of you that watched the Moroccan Christmas episode (for those of you that haven't go ahead and check out the 2-minute replay from NBC below) you know why Dwight and Andy are gonna throw-down in the next episode. Basically Angela pissed off Phyllis for the final time and Phyllis told everyone (besides Andy because he was off playing his weird instrument somewhere) that Angela and Dwight were sleeping together.

This Office episode is probably going to be the best one of the season and I'm really happy about that considering how funny "The Surplus" episode was.

There's also more good news for the Office seeing as how they're starting to get guest stars on the show during the post-Super Bowl episode called "Stress Relief". Jack Black and Jessica Alba are going to be starring in a bootlegged movie that the Office watches during the day (no doubt Michael brought back Movie Day now that nobody actually comes to make sure he's doing his job). Also, according to Wikipedia, the Office spinoff is supposed to air February 1, 2009.

[Edit: Now Wikipedia says that the spinoff is airing in April :( , no doubt due to the 2nd newest video on the Widget above. It talks about how there's going to be a 1-hour Office episode airing immediately after the Superbowl :) . That's awesome! Also, this is the episode that Jack Black and Jessica Alba are gonna be in.]

January 1, 2009 7:26 PM

Happy 2009 :D

Happy new year from the little drunk kitty!