May 25, 2009 4:59 PM

Little Potato Sack People Make Me Happy

The new full-length trailer for 9 came out on Thursday and it's pretty cool. It shows the old man creating the little potato sack people and shows why he decided to create them. Apparently he only had enough energy to make 9 of them, so that's how many there are. Anyway that crazy dinosaur/cat machine is just one of the many machines that went crazy and decided to kill off the human race. That's why it's after all the little potato sacks. The rest of the trailer is pretty much a montage showing which potato sack is which number, as well as them fighting back against the dino-cat and other funky machines.

Here's a list of what each number is :D
1: The old priestly looking one.
2: What I assume to be the smart scientist guy.
3 & 4: I dunno how to describe them, other than the fact that they have super cute little hoods on.
5: This guy has a grapple gun and he seems like he's a decent fighter.
6: Looks pretty dull at first, but then for some reason has blue/green rays shoot out of his eyes.
7: This girl makes 5 look weak since she has a bird's skull helmet and a polearm.
8: This guy is the biggest of all the potato sacs and probably why the old man gave out after 9. He has a really big blade and a drain for a mask.
9: This guy is supposedly gonna protect the future, unless the old man meant all 9 of them when he said it. Other than that the only difference between him and the others is his zipper down his front.

May 23, 2009 12:37 PM

Aang is a Tiny Little Bald Kid with Huge Ears...Like He Should be

Apparently M. Night Shyamalan does in fact fear the fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I say this because the new pictures from the live-action Avatar movie were just released on Thursday. Aang definitely resembles his cartoon self (see look at him to the right...he totally does!) and so does Zuko, at least mostly. I can't really tell from the picture whether or not Zuko has a scar; which means his scar isn't ugly enough to be truly Zuko's. I guess this picture could be pre-scar Zuko, but then I would think he'd have his ponytail. I mean for goodness sake. Everyone knows that no audience could possibly figure out that Zuko's personality had changed without having him grow out his hair into a shaggy emo mop. Anyway, both of these guys look mostly like their characters should, but Aang needs to be cracking a grin or something. I mean honestly, how often does he really have that straight of a face in the show?

I hope this movie isn't as bad as some of M. Night Shyamalan's other movies. The Lady in the Water and Signs were 2 of the worst movies I've ever seen. I mean what kind of dignified mermaidy lady would live in a crappy apartment's pool? Also, the aliens in Signs were some of the least scary things ever. I guess The Village was kind of spooky, but not really that thrilling. So, I'll be interested to see whether or not he can pull of a movie that should be filled with action. I definitely hope it portrays the characters as being as sassy as the cartoon made them too.

May 15, 2009 12:53 AM

The Wisp....

I must say that the Wisp is a very cool name for a product; but when I heard it first, I didn't think tiny disposable toothbrush. Anyway, the Wisp is Colgate's newest product and it's a tiny toothbrush that doesn't require any water to use. It has a pick on one end and a little "freshening bead" in the center of the bristles. This bead is really an Ice Breakers Liquid Ice mint with a thicker shell. Of course Colgate doesn't say that their fancy freshening bead is just a stolen mint. But I had the chance of trying the Wisp for myself when I got one at Sams for free (Hurray sample day!). They're pretty cheap and they work well for not requiring toothpaste or water. They currently come in 3 flavors: cinnamon, spearmint, and peppermint. Sadly I only got to try the peppermint one, but I've had the Ice Breakers cinnamon mints and they were tasty. You can also get a coupon for 50c off by clicking here. They're the perfect gift for a friend with bad halitosis :D.

May 7, 2009 10:42 PM

Donald Faison Should Keep His Day Job

So normally I wouldn't care that much about Star Wars or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but this clip of Donald Faison is hilarious. Turns out he's obsessed with The Empire Strikes back. He also loves Lando Calrissian (I'm sure he was super pumped when Billy Dee made an appearance on Scrubs) and wants to star as Lando in a movie he titles The Chronicles of Lando Calrissian. He was saying that he would just either wear a wig or be Lando before he decided to grow out his hair into a sweet fro. In fact, Donald was so pumped about the idea that he made a Lego stop-motion clip of what would happen with him being Lando. Donald even added his own sound effects to the movie. The interview is pretty hilarious and I think Donald Faison would be a really funny Lando. I do doubt that George Lucas would let him be Lando and that is sad. Watch the clip of the interview below and don't be freaked out that it starts and ends in the middle of the movie.