August 10, 2010 8:29 AM


I haven't posted in a long long time, probably the longest break since I started this blog. But anyways, since I am currently working 40 hrs/week and finishing up my wedding planning once I get home from said work; there's not really time for blogging. However, my friend reminded me of this very fun website that I found about 5 years ago and I thought it'd be a fun little thing to add to a post. It's called zefrank and there's a lot of little "experiments" and games there that are just really fun to mess around with.

May 1, 2010 6:01 PM

Oh Apple You're So Crazy

Currently I'm taking a course about product design, so Apple comes up in our class....A LOT, like excessively so sometimes. I understand completely why, but it still gets old after having to hear about how "amazing" Apple is sometimes. Anyway, in class the other day we were talking about whether or not we thought the new iPhone prototype that was found in a bar was accidentally lost or was left there on purpose in order to stir up hype for the new iPhone that's coming out this summer. So I had heard about Gizmodo opening it up and explaining its inner workings. The next day in class some kid mentions how the cops busted down Jason Chen's (of Gizmodo) door after he gave the phone back.

I really thought that this must've been some kind of joke so I looked into it. Turns out it was completely true. You can hear more of the story in this hilarious Jon Stewart video below. He talks about how he thought Apple was so cool and how he found this excessive, which I'm sure everyone can agree with. Jon Stewart had a pretty good point too, that if Apple wants to be mad at anyone, then they should be mad at AT&T for having such crappy service. I mean, Apple was denying that the phone was even theirs at first and Jason Chen gave it back after he was done with it. So what possible reason could they have for busting down his door during dinner? Also, the guy that found the phone originally had "Apple representatives" show up at his house and try to search the premises. If I were him, I'd probably move so Steve Jobs didn't try to kill me with a giant iPad or something lol.

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April 1, 2010 11:30 PM

So Much for the Spiderman Reboot

Apparently Marc Webb fails at being a director already. He decided to choose Lindsay Lohan as the new Mary Jane. I can only imagine who will play Peter Parker. Maybe it will be Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner or just throw in Justin Bieber (seriously hate that little dude and his high-pitched girly voice) just to piss me off. Maybe we can have a twisted romance with Gwen Stacy being played as Miley Cyrus. Seriously, this news has made me lose all faith in any reboots, possibly any superhero movies that contain superheroes I actually like. I really don't know what Webb was thinking considering this was what he had to say about it:

"Lindsay hasn't really been up to much in the past few years — even if you count the straight-to-DVD Labor Pains — but when I think Mary Jane Watson, Lindsay Lohan immediately comes to mind. Well, OK, maybe not the current version. But certainly the Mean Girls/Herbie version. She was available. She needs a reboot worse than this franchise. It just made sense."

Oh wait yes I do. He just picked her because he felt sorry for her sucking and being an alcoholic or something. I'm glad other directors don't just go with people because they're "available". I mean I'll give him the fact that Mean Girls was pretty funny, but I still can't see Cady Heron as being anything like Mary Jane unless he means when she was being a bitchy "plastic". We can only hope that this is a bad April Fools day joke.

March 11, 2010 5:06 PM


woohoo! suck it Ps fanboys lol (even though i used to have a Ps2)

February 24, 2010 7:48 PM

Worse than Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

Apparently there's some rumors going around that John Krasinski has been shortlisted as 1/7 actors to play Captain America. First of all, Captain America is a big muscley dude and and as Michael Scott so eloquently told Jim; "you’re 6”11 and you weigh 90lbs, Gumby has a better body than you". Also Captain America definitely falls short of the top of the snarkiness meter. I mean seriously, he has got to be one of the least witty superheroes in my opinion and I don't want to picture John Krasinski being that boring. It's actually a very similar situation to Ryan Reynolds playing the Green Lantern if you think about it, funny guy being a boring super hero (that's right I think the Green Lantern is boring...and a whiner!). I hope the directors realize that almost everyone that hears John Krasinski's name now, will probably automatically associate him as being Jim first. The movie Away We Go seemed to portray him as a goofy light-hearted guy as well. He's just not a good fit in my opinion, so I hope he turns the role down and leaves it up to the other 6 (Scott Porter, Mike Vogel, Michael Cassidy, Patrick Flueger, Chace Crawford, and Garret Hedlund) actors that Marvel wants to keep on hold for 30 days during the test process (it almost sounds like they're gonna be locked up lol).

January 31, 2010 1:58 AM

Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire Are Full of Lies!

I'm sure you've heard that Spiderman 4 has been cancelled. It happened on the 11th, just 3 days after Tobey Maguire ensured fans that he was very hopeful for the film and that "It's all a process....It's all happening right now. It's all sort of coming together. It's very exciting to me." I find it completely ridiculous that Tobey would even give the interview about how well the film is coming together and then turn around and be like oh yeah Spiderman 4 is done now, bye! I mean sure, it might not be his fault, but wouldn't you have atleast some kind of inkling that the film was gonna die in 3 days? The good news is that they're trying to reboot it (So hopefully it doesn't suck this time around. I mean seriously wtf is up with webs coming out of his wrists?!?). Personally I hope the reboot goes over well since it's supposed to be Spidey in a highschool setting. I have high prospects for it also because it's rumored to be based on the popular Ultimate Spider-Man comic. Marc Webb (Seriously how perfect is his last name for directing a spiderman film? haha) is the new director. I hope he definitely adds to Spiderman what it actually needs, snarkiness! I'm tired of the half-witted comments of Tobey Maguire. I mean Spiderman is supposed to be sassy and a downright pain in the ass to the super villains he faces (that and occasionally make crossover characters super uncomfortable lol).

January 11, 2010 4:04 PM

The "Jam" Story

Ok so first off, I haven't updated in like a month which I usually try to avoid. I blame the holidays/my computer getting a virus and the related terrible events that happened because of said virus. But, now that the holidays are over and I'm back at school, I've been looking forward to new tv episodes. Since the latest episode of The Office aired on the 10th of December, I figured they might have a special new years episode or just start airing new episodes a week or so after. Wrong! They aren't airing new episodes until the 21st! I find this to be incredibly bogus. Just because your show is popular and people will wait over a month for new episodes, doesn't mean you should make them wait! I mean just last week ABC showed 3 new episodes of the new Scrubs (which is surprisingly awesome, especially if you liked the old Scrubs) and Better Off Ted (also awesome, seriously Veronica is a good way? haha) within 4 days of each other. Anyway, the next episode of The Office is called The Banker, which doesn't particularly seem exciting since everyone that watched the episode on the 10th knows that Scranton branch is safe from being fired.

Today though, The Office twitter announced that "Jim & Pam will experience the birth of their baby in a special two part episode of The Office on March 4 and 11". That's pretty cool, but seeing as how they're hyping it over a month before it's gonna happen, it had better be a good episode. I'm not really sure why it's happening on 2 different days though considering the fact that they were able to get a nice 1-hour slot for the wedding episode. Also, The Office website on NBC has decided to devote an entire mini site to Jim and Pam's story. There's dorky little pictures from each of the parts of their relationship going from "Just Friends" to "The Baby". Most of the site is coming soon still though. It's pretty cheesy if you ask me. But, if it's between girls going googoo over Jim and Pam or Twilight, then I'm all for this dorky little website. Also the pictures from "Just Friends" seem so strange sometimes that they just crack me up (seriously how weird is the picture at the top of this post?).