May 1, 2010 6:01 PM

Oh Apple You're So Crazy

Currently I'm taking a course about product design, so Apple comes up in our class....A LOT, like excessively so sometimes. I understand completely why, but it still gets old after having to hear about how "amazing" Apple is sometimes. Anyway, in class the other day we were talking about whether or not we thought the new iPhone prototype that was found in a bar was accidentally lost or was left there on purpose in order to stir up hype for the new iPhone that's coming out this summer. So I had heard about Gizmodo opening it up and explaining its inner workings. The next day in class some kid mentions how the cops busted down Jason Chen's (of Gizmodo) door after he gave the phone back.

I really thought that this must've been some kind of joke so I looked into it. Turns out it was completely true. You can hear more of the story in this hilarious Jon Stewart video below. He talks about how he thought Apple was so cool and how he found this excessive, which I'm sure everyone can agree with. Jon Stewart had a pretty good point too, that if Apple wants to be mad at anyone, then they should be mad at AT&T for having such crappy service. I mean, Apple was denying that the phone was even theirs at first and Jason Chen gave it back after he was done with it. So what possible reason could they have for busting down his door during dinner? Also, the guy that found the phone originally had "Apple representatives" show up at his house and try to search the premises. If I were him, I'd probably move so Steve Jobs didn't try to kill me with a giant iPad or something lol.

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