August 31, 2009 10:07 PM

Marvel fans should be weeping!

The big news today is that Disney plans on buying Marvel for 4 billion dollars. Some people say that Marvel fans should be rejoicing since this will get Marvel out into the general market. I am saying no way! Think about the good it did Transformers by using Shia Labeouf (former Disney teen in case you never watched Even Stevens). There's so many people jumping on the Transformers bandwagon now that it's ridiculous. I can only imagine how many people would jump on the Marvel bandwagon once Disney vouched for it. I'd think that a lot of people would start reading comic books and this could be good and bad. It could be good since higher sales would hopefully mean more and better comics. It could also be terribly bad since writers might get complacent and not have as high quality comics since so many bandwagon readers wouldn't demand it. Also some Marvel characters just aren't "Disney friendly," such as Stacy X. I mean come on she can manipulate pheromones, which enables her to be the biggest whore ever.

Hopefully if this deal goes down it will be a good thing for Marvel. I can imagine a sweet animated Marvel film and get really excited. But, I can also imagine them trying to squeeze Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale into roles that they really don't belong in or even deserve to be considered for.

August 27, 2009 4:04 PM

Apparently Goyle wanted some attention

The actor who plays Goyle in the Harry Potter films, Joshua Herdman; spilled some news about the last 2 Harry Potter movies. He says that the first part of the Deathly Hallows will end right after Harry, Ron, and Hermione get caught by the snatchers after just being reunited with Ron. The second part is supposed to start off with them inside Malfoy Manor. The seems like a really good breaking point to me. It will be really suspenseful for the people who have no clue what's going on.

I must reiterate the fact that Dobby needs to be in this movie though. If not, then Harry and the whole gang shouldn't be able to escape from the Malfoy's. I really don't understand why they cut him from the 4th movie and had Neville give Harry the gillyweed instead. Were they really just being so lazy because they didn't want to c.g. another character into the movie? Also, Bill and Fleur need to get married because otherwise Harry and the rest of them will have no where to go to hide. But, I'm not really sure where they will have the wedding seeing as how the Weasley's house got burned down in the last movie. I'm interested to see how David Yates is going to fix what he screwed up.

Another thing that is interesting about the last 2 Harry Potter movies is going to be the lack of Crabbe, since his actor Jamie Waylett got arrested for possession of marijuana. This means that Crabbe will either be completely replaced by a different actor (which I highly doubt since they decided not to change anyone out for the last movies, despite their ages) or that Goyle will take his place in the room of requirement. I suppose they could just fill in with some random other Slytherin boy like how they replaced the Creevey brothers with that random Nigel kid.

August 21, 2009 9:56 PM

Cataclysm:Bad news for Azeroth, good news for us

This is the newest WoW expansion's trailer in case you couldn't figure it out. It's pretty amazing and basically confirms all the rumors I posted earlier. I don't have much to say except for WOOHOO! That and the fact that this expansion makes me think that people will need to have it to continue playing WoW at all. I guess the new continents could just be on different servers, but that seems like it would be very confusing. Anyways, enjoy this awesome trailer. If you're Horde like me, cry yourself to sleep because we get goblins while the Alliance gets the worgen.

August 18, 2009 10:41 PM

Short But Very Sweet (Hopefully)

Recently there's been a big rumor about the details of the upcoming WoW expansion, Cataclysm. First of all, the level cap is supposedly going to be 85. With just 5 new levels it will hopefully take much longer than the Lich King did to level up. Also, there are 2 new races that are supposed to be released in this expansion. The Horde get the goblins and the Alliance get the worgen(this is because of some new Halloween masks being released). I hope this isn't true, because if it is, the Horde are getting the raw end of the deal. Being a wolfy person would be super awesome; and being a goblin would be remarkably less so. The new classes that have already been confirmed from the 3.2.2 test realms are as follows:

Human Hunter
Orc Mage
Night Elf Mage
Dwarf Mage
Blood Elf Warrior
Dwarf Shaman
Undead Hunter
Tauren Paladin
Tauren Priest
Gnome Priest
Troll Druid

The cataclysm that this expansion is named for has pretty much destroyed Azeroth, changing many leveling experiences. Some of these changes include the Barrens being split up into 2 different leveling ranges, flooded zones, Azshara being a low level area, and the possible destruction of Orgimmar since Thrall will be handing over control of it to Garrosh Hellscream. Thrall will be in charge of the Horde and Alliance battle against the Naga and Black Dragonflight. Garrosh is supposed to go crazy and declare open war on the Alliance, so I'm sure this will be a contributing factor to Orgimmar's destruction. Orgimmar will of course be rebuilt during the course of the expansion. Also, because of Garrosh's declaration, there will be many new PvP zones like Wintergrasp.

As far as instances go, Gnomeregan is supposed to have a special significance in this expansion and the Blackrock Spire is supposed to go all splodey as well. Along with these dungeon changes, it is for sure that Onyxia is coming back in patch 3.2.2 in a new level 80 instance as part of a 5 year anniversary celebration. As part of the instance, you can receive a smaller version of Onyxia as an epic flying mount; and as part of their anniversary celebration you can get a free Onyxia whelping pet. Plenty of new instances are rumored to be coming, as well as the return of Ragnaros. Last but not least we should be able to fly in Azeroth in the expansion; which I'm sure everyone agrees will be awesome, except for the lag :P.

August 1, 2009 3:29 PM

Comics are Funsies

Nom nom nom
Enjoy this comic that I made using :D.