April 25, 2009 5:41 PM

The reason why I always watches the credits after a movie

So by now everyone should know of the Wolverine:X-men Origins movie being placed on the internet for everyone to pirate. Fox recently made a very bad decision regarding their misfortune, but now it seems like they're making up for it. Depending on where you see the movie, there's going to be different endings hidden after the credits. I personally love little endings after movies, especially when tons of people leave before it happens. This should also make the dvd a definite buy when it comes out considering that it will have all the alternate endings (or at least I would hope so). I hope one of the alternate endings includes some fun Deadpool action. I could really care less about knowing more about Wolverine's past.

The alternate endings aren't the only fun thing that I found out about the movie either. Apparently Ryan Reynolds did all of his own sword stunts. It's always cool when an actor steps up, instead of letting the film editors CGI it. I'm sure it will add a level of awesomeness to the movie and show people that have no clue who Deadpool is, how great he really is. I'm definitely excited about him going all crazy on people with 2 katanas at once. The only bad thing about Ryan doing his own stunts was the fact that he almost dis"membered" himself. Way to almost take one for the team Ryan :D. I'm glad that he didn't hurt himself, because he'll need to be in tip-top shape for his Deadpool movie.

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Anonymous Says:
April 25, 2009 at 6:21 PM

That's pretty awesome that he did his own sword-work, despite the apparent danger. I'm glad you posted that other link too, because I wasn't sure if he'd actually end up scarred during the movie, but it talks about him wearing prosthetics and scaring some small relative, so he should be in full costume in the movie too. That makes me happy because I have yet to see a pic of him in the traditional Deadpool get-up. Although, maybe he just gets all scarred in this movie and doesn't get a costume 'til his possible solo movie.

Matthew Says:
April 25, 2009 at 8:26 PM

I loved Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza place and Ryan pretty much has yet to disappoint since. I think I will probably like Deadpool since he is supposed to be quite the trash talker. But like with the HP movie, I go into this with no real preconceived ideas about Deadpool, so I think that should make it more fun.