September 25, 2009 10:42 AM

Happy Hug a Vegetarian Day!

My sister actually told me that it was today and I just laughed. I'm glad that I don't have classes today with anyone I really know in them, so I can't be attacked. In honor of all the fellow vegetarians out there, I decided to post some more fun stuff. This shirt is especially appropriate for today. I found these fun/scary banners (their own banner is particularly scary imo) at Peta2, which is much less scary than the normal Peta site.

There's this cute "I'm not a burger" shirt from the Zen Shop. This cow shirt is also amusing since it reminds of me Finding Nemo lol. I love this set of tomato stuff because he's just so cute. I also kinda wonder if this actually says vegetarian or if it really says something else (like I'm sure so many asian script tattoos say idiot instead of peace lol). This tofu makes me so happy too. I find these tiny stuffed broccolis to be disturbing and cute at the same time lol. This site lists a bunch of cool stuff like the veggie of the month (which is carrot btw), games, and hilarious cannibalistic veggies. I advise you to create your own veggie alien, since it's like a more fun version of Mr. Potato head. The veggie version of space invaders is also pretty entertaining. Enjoy the rest of Hug a Veggie day!

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