October 2, 2009 4:55 PM

I have seen FFxiii and It is Beautiful!

This is the newest trailer for Final Fantasy 13 and it's safe to say that the new gameplay shouldn't disappoint. Now, before you watch the video I will tell you this; the girl making out with Snow is not Lightning. I sat there for about 5 minutes trying to figure out why the girl didn't really look completely like Lightning, but still really resembled her in a weird way. Turns out the girl is Lightning's sister Serah Farron, which should cause some good drama seeing as how Serah looks like she's about 12 and Snow looks more like he's 20-30. I guess it could just be that Snow is so tall that he makes Serah look like a child, since she almost looks slightly younger than Vanille when she stands next to her, but it still kinda creeps me out. Serah is also supposed to be kidnapped our something in order to force Snow and Lightning to team up. There's also a new little boy named Hope Estheim who vaguely reminds me of Titus, except he doesn't seem obnoxious (yet, his voice is definitely not as whiney for sure). He also seems to hangout with Lightning, a lot. There's a nice little clip of him yelling at Snow, which ends with Hope exploding (which I hope is him trying to tell Snow to stop being a pedophile by dating Lightning's little sister lol).

The fight scenes just look awesome, especially once things are summoned. Instead of the summons just having their own specials this time around, it looks like the characters can mount up on them and do a combined special. For instance, Lightning has a sort of angel thing that transforms into a pony, and when she mounts up on it she holds some huge scythes up to kill things with as they charge through them. Sazh has some kind of mechanical summon that transforms into somewhat of a dragster. Sadly, it seems like the special of the dragster is to either swing around and hit monsters of just shoot sparks at it from it's back wheels.

As far as the rest of the trailer goes, I wish there was more Vanille, since the most you really get to see of her is when she's captured with Sazh when she's begging Serah for something (also kinda creeped out by that part), and when she's fighting with Sazh about something (I guess there's more of her than I thought, but still not enough imo). The game finally comes out December 17, for all of the people that actually bought a Playstation 3. As far as I can figure out, the release date for the Xbox 360 will be sometime in Spring 2010.

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Anonymous Says:
October 6, 2009 at 3:45 PM

Hurray for FFXIII! I do miss back when you could kinda tell what class a character was going to be by their clothing. All of the outfits in this game seem to be streamed towards looking more like modern clothing... snore.

Do you know who that black-haired lady is?

GreenCS Says:
October 8, 2009 at 11:33 PM

" The second is Lebreau (レブロ Reburo?), a black-haired woman with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder and a sense of invincibility."
from wikipedia ;D