October 16, 2009 4:31 PM

Zach Braff Isn't Dead and Neither is Scrubs

On Monday there was a pretty big internet rumor (originally found here, but now it's gone due to the massive bad publicity) going around that Zach Braff was found dead in his home. Zach Braff decided to clear it up by posting this on his facebook. Turns out the whole thing was supposedly a joke that someone had tried to play on their friends 2 years ago and just hadn't removed from his website. Anyways, somehow the link resurfaced and made crazy news that even made it's way to Zach Braff's mom; which caused Zach to give the creator of this "joke" the douchebag of the day award.

Anyway, putting this prank gone horribly wrong aside, Zach mentioned something very interesting on his video on facebook. He talked about shooting the new Scrubs intro and and this made me confused. I mean everyone knows that Scrubs had it's series finale this year and that it wasn't supposed to be making anymore episodes right? Wrong, turns out Scrubs is headed for it's "9th" season. That is, if you consider the new Scrubs the same show as the old one. The new show is supposed to take a deeper look into the medical campus joined to the hospital (which I'm pretty sure the original show only revealed once during a morbidity and morality conference that Elliot had to present). It centers around 3 new interns that Dr. Cox and Turk are supposed to be teaching. I hope they keep the old new interns as residents now too, since they were pretty good characters imo. According to Wikipedia Eliza Coupe (aka "Joe") will be returning along with the 3 new interns Michael Mosley (aka Drew), Dave Franco (aka Cole), and Kerry Bishé (aka Lucy), who is supposed to be the new narrator of the show. Sadly J.D. and Elliot are only supposed to be in 6 episodes before leaving the show for good. Also the Janitor might not be in the new show either after the opening episode because of his role in The Middle. All in all Scrubs could still be a good show considering they're keeping Turk, Dr. Cox, and supposedly Joe. But, I feel a little like it could start to suck too, like when Eric left That 70's Show.

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